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[FINAL UPDATE] 3rd Cyber International Genius Inventor Fair 2012
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   3rd_CIGIF2012_Entry_Guide.docx (318.2K) [43] DATE : 2012-10-25 15:39:00
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Invitation to CIGIF 2012

The 3rd Cyber International Genius Inventor Fair 2012 in Korea

Dear inventor communities,

Korea Invention News (KINEWS) is proud to present the 3rd edition of Cyber International
Genius Inventor Fair 2012 in Korea (CIGIF 2012). The fair is held to recognize the significance
of worldwide intellectual properties in compliance with today’s digital cyber generation.
The CIGIF serves as an international platform convenient for all inventors in all age group of all
categories, accommodating the interested participants with ‘easy’ steps to submit registration.
Insufficiency of budget is always an issue for the many when inventors try to join invention
exhibitions/shows in overseas costing in extreme amount of money for booth rentals including
air ticket expenses. CIGIF was established for the first time in 2010 to allow inventors to be
recognized with their inventions on the international level, as well to provide an opportunity to
self-approve their talent and ability within their novel ideas and as inventors through an
economic and simpler method, dedicated to all those inventors with small identity and millions
of passion:

1) Complete the Entry Registration Form -> Submit the form by Email for registration to:

2) Payment of Entry Fee to Confirm Registration -> by bank wire transfer or by in-person
payment at the award ceremony in November)

3) When all is confirmed, registered participants will be announced for updates on their
application for results and invitation to Seoul to attend the CIGIF 2012 Award Ceremony to be
held on November 25th.

4) Examination of Applications will result award winners to be individually announced via
participants’ email.

5) Award Winners announced may notify the organizer if they will participate in the
award ceremony in Korea or not.

* For Award Winners unable to participate in the Award Ceremony in Korea will have
their awards couriered to their mailing address stated on their Entry Form by our international
mailing service. Participants applied to the fair via co-organizing representatives
(CIGIF International Committee) will have their awards delivered to them by the international
delegates present at the award ceremony.

Brief Outline:

Organized by: Korea Invention News (KINEWS)

Co-organized by: CIGIF 2012 International Organizing Committee (Commission of 20 inventor
delegations worldwide)

Application Registration Deadline: November 10th, 2012

CIGIF 2012 Award Ceremony: November 25th, 2012 @ Convention Center – ChungMu Art Hall, Seoul, Korea

Please see attachments for more details and information.

For more information, please request your inquiries to and/or

The fair is organized by Korea Invention News, in collaboration with the World Invention
Intellectual Property Associations, Asia Invention Association, Taiwan Invention Intellectual
Property Association, Asia Invention Creativity Association, Asia Creative Student Inventors
Association, Korea Invention Academy, International Intellectual Property Network Forum,
The First Institute Inventors & Researchers in I.R. Iran, Croatian Inventors Association, Protemp Exhibitions Sdn. Bhd., ENVEX Young Researchers Club – Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Association of
Polish Inventors & Rationalizers, Hong Kong Invention Association Ltd., Romanian Inventors
Forum, Egyptian Inventors Union, Macau Innovation & Invention Association, Nichi-Ma Press,
King Saud University Innovation Center, Science and Technology Institute of Mexico City

Above as the members of CIGIF 2012 International Organizing Committee


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